In December, my friends Sam and Mary and I were on vacation in Hawaii awaiting our spa appointments (yes it was a good day) when Mary suggested that over the next 365 days we all agree to play the Money Game together.

She explained that every day we would text each other a short note — from wherever we were in the world — to stipulate where we would give our “money” each day. On the first day, we could allocate $1000, the second day $2000, etc. By the following December, we’d be giving away $365K to anyone or anything we chose. (I discovered this is a twist on the Abundance Game you can read about here.)

Of course, it wasn’t real cash, but Mary explained the Money Game is designed to reframe our thinking about money as abundant and ours to play with at any time and in any way. It was sort of like having an investment club but with no need to do the research. I was immediately game.

Well, it’s now the middle of March and with a few fits and starts, we’ve been playing the game steadily for 97 days. Today, I decided to look at how we ‘spent’ our over $10,000,000 to date to see what I could learn from the journey so far.

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