Thought Leader or Expert? You Decide

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately…what’s the difference between someone who is an expert in their field and someone who is a well-known expert? And what about someone who is a well-known expert in their field vs. someone who is a well-respected thought leader? Often the terms expert and thought leader are used synonymously, but actually, I believe that while expertise is a pre-requisite for thought leadership, being an expert is [...]

How I Learned to Create An Abundance Mindset

In December, my friends Sam and Mary and I were on vacation in Hawaii awaiting our spa appointments (yes it was a good day) when Mary suggested that over the next 365 days we all agree to play the Money Game together. She explained that every day we would text each other a short note -- from wherever we were in the world -- to stipulate where we would give our “money” [...]

Thought Leadership Tools: How Do You Prepare a Great Talk?

As a longtime speaker, I still frequently struggle to develop a great talk – one that is both memorable and provides some lasting change for those in the audience. When someone offers a book, class, tool or template that can help, I sit up and take notice. Thus, I was happy to be included in JD Schramm’s Stanford workshop last week for the students selected to deliver LOWKeynote talks this year. There he shared his ideas [...]

7 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Last Thursday, I gave myself the afternoon off to celebrate the achievement of a goal that I’d set myself almost two years ago – to speak about my book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader? as part of the prestigious “Talks at Google” series. The video is not yet live but the audience members told me that the one-hour program was inspiring and engaging and I came away happy and excited after a fun [...]

How I Learned (Again) That Less is Really More

The secret to a great talk? Follow the grandma rule, remember to 'stick and click', and don't hesitate to repeat your top messages. I made a mistake last month, (ok, probably more than one), but one that I want to talk about here. I gave a talk at a local company about my new book that kinda bombed. Ouch. Now that a few weeks have passed, I can look back with a little [...]

Why Become a Thought Leader?

CAREER INSURANCE…FROM POST IN THE UK BUSINESS REPORTER In earlier posts, we explored what a thought leader is and how thought leadership is different from PR and marketing. Now you might be asking why you should make the journey from leader to thought leader. After all, there isn’t any research that I know of that proves that those that become thought leaders are always better paid or better off. Yet what I have witnessed is [...]

Where Are All the Women Entrepreneurs?

Sure, women start lots of companies. But where are the big, world-changing businesses run by women? I get asked this question all the time: Where are all the women entrepreneurs? I guess the people who ask figure that I should know: I’m the co-founder of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and co-founder of the Springboard Venture Forums which have helped women raise over $5 billion for their businesses. My response is simple: [...]

Are You a Boundary Setter?

How do you become a thought leader? Become a boundary setter. That is the advice from four thought leaders who joined my panel at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Fall 2012. The panelists included Janet Murray of Georgia Tech, Candice Brown Elliott, CEO of Nouvoyance, Inc., Shelley Evenson, formerly with Facebook now Executive Director Organizational Evolution at Fjord, and Nina Bhatti, formerly of HP now doing a new start-up. There are two somewhat opposing contexts of thought leadership – thought leaders [...]

How Do I Find My Presumptive Bravado?

When is it okay to declare yourself an expert? How do you gain the needed confidence to own your role as a key influencer in your niche? “Good to hear from you, Roberta, how’s the job hunt coming along?” I asked my childhood friend when she called me recently from Ohio. “Well, it’s pretty certain that we’re going to need to leave Ohio if I want to find my next position,” she [...]

Is It Time To Lighten Up?

The world of business just might be better off if we encouraged a bit more fun at work.              I do a lot of coaching of senior executives and recently I've been noticing a trend. Too much seriousness. You would normally think that we would want executives who are serious of purpose, seriously committed to their work, even seriously dedicated to their organization. But, do they really [...]

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