we help leaders become thought leaders & organizations position themselves at the forefront of their industry or a cause.

We work with change agents that are ready to:

  • Become the go-to person or organization in their industry, community or niche;
  • Gain visibility and credibility for themselves, their team or their organization;
  • Position themselves for the next, bigger opportunity;
  • Use their bully pulpit to take a stand on issues that matter;
  • Build a movement around their ideas;
  • Get a seat at the table where the key decisions are made;
  • Broaden their access to the right conversations and speaking opportunities;
  • Become a rainmaker as people seek them out for their expertise;
  • Leave a legacy that matters….

At Thought Leadership Lab we work with individuals (start-up CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, service professionals, and social entrepreneurs) and organizations that want to build their influence, income, and impact through thought leadership. We do this through thought leadership consulting with individuals and teams, speaking and leading corporate and conference workshops, executive coaching, and licensing our content. We also create, license, and lead programs for women leaders.

Executives: Stand out, become discoverable for your ideas, and scale your impact and your career success.
EXAMPLE: We helped a Director in the utility industry scale her impact and influence by creating a first-of-its-kind industry-community workforce initiative that gained widespread traction and made her the go-to expert in her niche. This led to speaking, board roles, testifying in front of the US Senate, and eventually notice from the White House. This led to an appointment by the Governor to run workforce initiatives state-wide for California’s Community Colleges and press coverage in the NY Times.

EXAMPLE: We helped the Chief People Officer of a Fortune 100 tech company scale her impact and influence and position herself for her next opportunity by convening others across her industry to identify the next steps for the Future of Work following COVID. This led to speaking and podcast opportunities, board roles, and regular headhunter calls. It also opened the door to collaborations with other experts in the Future of Work and today she has a book underway and the opportunity to partner with a major university on important research.

Start-up CEOs: Position yourself and your company to get noticed by investors, partners, and potential hires.
EXAMPLE: We helped a new CEO scale her impact, influence, and position her organization at the forefront of her industry by parlaying her expertise in health care innovation to speaking roles at industry events, a prestigious national board position, community awards, and selection for the World Economic Forum’s Young World Leader’s Program. Today, she has a book deal pending and continues to expand her reach with new programs underway across the United States and Europe, a new innovation fund, and significant adoption of her innovative ideas by global companies and institutions.

Consultants: Establish your credibility and expertise and become the go-to subject matter expert upon whom others rely.
EXAMPLE: We helped a new M&a consultant think through how to refine and narrow his niche, craft and gain traction for a book proposal with publishers and agents, launch a website and blog with a unique point of view and as a result gain significant interest from new clients within a very short time frame.

Corporate Talent Managers
: Develop thought leadership among your executives and high potentials. Their efforts will gain more visibility and credibility for your organization.

Team Leaders: Gain visibility for your efforts and attract the right internal and external funders, clients, partners, and customers.

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– thought leadership consulting services for individuals
– thought leadership consulting with teams and organizations
executive coaching
– our programs for women leaders or
– invite Denise to speak or lead a workshop

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