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Denise Brosseau is known as the ‘thought leader about thought leadership.’ She brings your audience easy-to-implement strategies and actionable case studies of how thought leadership will increase their influence, and impact, and take their careers, teams, or companies to the next level – all in a highly engaging, straight-talk style that’s both inspirational and energizing.

Some keynote topics include:

As organizations ask their leaders to step into the role of recognized expert or thought leader, understanding the core elements of the journey from leader to thought leader, is essential.

In this popular, well researched, and highly engaging presentation, Denise shares the learnings of working with hundreds of aspiring thought leaders as well as her own inspiring ‘accidental thought leadership’ journey. She helps audiences understand and identify their unique motivations for building a following around their ideas and shares what every leader and individual needs to know to build visibility for themselves, their team, and their ideas.

Perfect for organizations with a cross-section of attendees (either corporate or association based), this keynote focuses on the seven steps to unlocking a whole new level of accomplishment and achievement as well as career and personal satisfaction.

In January of 2018, Laurence Fink, the chief executive of BlackRock, wrote a highly unusual letter to the CEOs in his company’s portfolio. In it, he urged them to think beyond their bottom line and to understand that their businesses must serve a social purpose.

In this provocative and inspiring presentation, Denise explores what it takes to meet that call and why creating a thought-leading organization matters now more than ever. She helps leaders understand the three key elements of success: how to create a recognizable point of view; nurture and incentivize the right skills and behaviors throughout their organization; and build an ecosystem of followers and champions to amplify and scale their efforts.

Perfect for organizations ready to take a stand, lead a cause, and use their clout and bully pulpit to forward ideas and values that matter to them.

Change is the new normal. There is always an opportunity to do things differently and (hopefully) better. But becoming a successful change agent often requires a whole new set of skills, behaviors, and mindsets. This program explores what it takes to develop and set a vision, leverage your personal brand to connect to and influence the right people, communicate effectively, and lead with purpose. Other topics include how to scale change by using thought leadership techniques to build champions, develop frameworks, and mobilize others inside and outside your organization to get on board with the change underway.

This session is one part inspiration, one part strategy, and three parts actionable ideas your audience can take away and put to work immediately.

Perfect for organizations seeking to align and motivate their leaders and individual contributors to be more effective change agents.

What does it mean to be a person of influence? In this hands-on, engaging, and highly-rated session, Denise explores what it takes to stay on track as women leaders while lending a hand to those who work with us and for us.

She invites participants to discover the inner (and outer) messages that can shake their confidence and how to find and align with their inner wisdom and find champions to guide them on their way.

Leaders and individual contributors will learn to cultivate the strategic relationships (mentors, sponsors, allies, and champions) they need to climb the organizational ladder, what it takes to become a respected role model for others, and how to build a culture of amplifiers that supports everyone to achieve their career aspirations.

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What People Say About Denise

"The members of the WPO are in the top 1% of women business owners and have pretty much 'seen everything' when it comes to speakers. Denise was able to bring insights they had not considered and her preparation was impressive. Hands-down, our best speaker yet."
WPO Denver Chapter Chair
Brenda Abdilla
"Denise was easy and fun to work with and she brought a wealth of knowledge, tools, and materials that were action-oriented and well-received. Her style was engaging and interactive and we appreciated her ability to answer all audience questions."
Sr. Talent Management Partner
"Denise helped crystallize many ideas our diverse team had about thought leadership and influence. We walked away from the valuable workshop knowing how each of us can be the 'pebble in the pond.'
Zscaler, Inc.
Director / CXO
"Denise is such a knowledgable and dynamic speaker! Her session was informative and thought-provoking for our members and attracted a standing-room-only crowd."
Asso of CA Nurse Leaders
"Thank you for delivering a captivating presentation with both practical pointers and real-life anecdotes. You have an exceptional ability for engaging the audience and focusing them on immediate actions they can take to improve their success."
Cadence Design Systems
Corporate VP
"Denise's talk was probably one of the most useful talks on women in leadership I've ever heard."
"Out of all my years of attending business conferences, I have never come in contact with a presenter who is that willing to extend herself. Denise is a model of what it means to be a leader."
Microsoft Conference
"Denise is truly an incredible resource and a brilliant and inspiring keynote speaker."
Morgan Stanley
Vice President

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