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Denise Brosseau is a seasoned executive coach, author, and thought leader who is committed to assisting senior executives and entrepreneurs, particularly women, to realize their maximum potential. 

A Stanford MBA and a recognized expert in thought leadership, Denise focuses on personal and professional growth while addressing the challenges faced by those looking to advance to and thrive in the C-suite. 

Through her coaching services and thought leadership strategies, Denise empowers her clients to establish themselves as prominent leaders in their field. 

Why Choose Denise As Your Coach?

  • EXPERIENCE: 15+ years as an executive coach in leadership development and thought leadership
  • EXECUTIVE FOCUSED: Expertise in coaching senior executives and entrepreneurs
  • EDUCATION: Stanford MBA & ICF Certified Coach
  • EXPERT: Author of the acclaimed book Ready to Be a Thought Leader?
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Customized coaching programs designed to meet client goals
  • CLIENT SUCCESS: Proven history of successful collaborations with high-profile clients
  • FLEXIBILITY: Offering flexible coaching options, including 1:1, group sessions, and virtual coaching

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Case Studies

Cultivating Thought Leadership

Client: Senior female executive wanted to establish herself as a subject matter expert in her industry

Solution: Denise helped her clarify and establish her niche, create a strategic content plan, and coached her on effective communication and presentation skills.

Result: Client became a highly sought-after speaker at industry conferences and gained respect as an authority in her field landing a new coveted role in her industry.

a Personal Brand

Client: Female entrepreneur wanted to increase her visibility and attract investments

Solution: Denise provided guidance on personal branding, thought leadership strategies, and coached her on networking and relationship-building techniques.

Result: Client successfully attracted substantial investments and increased her business's visibility.

Amplifying Leadership Impact

Client: Executive aiming to have a more significant influence within her organization

Solution: Denise coached her on leveraging thought leadership strategies to demonstrate her expertise and provided guidance on effective communication and collaboration techniques.

Result: Client gained recognition as a vital leader within her organization, resulting in heightened influence and career advancement opportunities.

What People Say About Denise

"Denise is a risk taker who advised me on how to take calculated risks that support my big-picture vision. Her follow-up is excellent and her Rolodex is outstanding. When I need a recommendation for professional services, I always call Denise."
Janet Miller Evans
Senior Account Manager, UPS
"Denise helped me re-think and re-focus my thinking around my work, which is a good thing to do when you’re halfway through life. She asks great questions and identifies clear action steps, which helped me move in different directions and use my skills in new ways."
University of Minnesota
Lisa B., Professor
“Denise proved to be an invaluable resource for me as I explored career options and focused on increasing my connections with the local community. She listens carefully and understands business, so her insights are relevant and practical. "
Margaret Craig, CEO
"Denise helped connect me to people that helped me grow my consulting business, with great results. She goes above and beyond and offers regular, useful recommendations & insights that I turned into actions to better market my business."
Maureen Gevertz
Business Consultant

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