Denise Brosseau is a highly experienced facilitator (in person and virtual) who has worked with corporate, non-profit, and education clients for 15+ years to create and run strategy sessions and team-building retreats and facilitate large meetings of many different kinds. She is highly adept at identifying the right structure, framework, model or tool to create meaningful interaction and reach desired outcomes. She most enjoys working on first-of-their-kind meetings and sorting out large, messy challenges by bringing people together, creating opportunities for each to be heard, and then crafting interactions that help them move the needle on their most important ideas.

Recent clients:

  • Facilitated 15 meetings in 2014-2015 of 60-100 participants each across California for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to distill the top statewide ideas for revamping career tech education across the 112 community colleges. Then facilitated six Task Force meetings of 32 appointed Community College stakeholders to finalize statewide recommendations.
  • Facilitated cross-functional full-day retreat for two teams within the Packard Foundation to set annual goals and build community
  • Crafted and led three strategy sessions for a corporate board of Planned Parenthood executives using Innovation Game techniques to distill the best ideas for new product/service development
  • Co-created and led a full-day gathering for the women entrepreneur alumnae of the Springboard launchpad

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