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What People Say About Denise

"Denise builds a strong connection and a personal commitment with those she works with. Then, using her thought leadership knowledge, she uses that commitment to deliver spot-on insight at the right time, catalyzing a new path and level on one’s journey."
Michelle Rohrer, Senior VP
"Denise’s support, inspiration, ideas, insights, and contacts were all extremely helpful and uplifting for me – and working with her was always fun!"
Positive Psychology & Leadership, Bavaria, Germany
Christian Thiele, Coach, Trainer, Keynote Speaker
"Denise catalyzes others to embrace thought leadership as learnable leadership skills in both inspiring and accessible ways. As a “strategic toggler,” she knows how to think big picture while also understanding the nuances of execution. She doesn’t just talk the talk - she embodies the power of her work every day!”
Stanford d.School
Lisa Kay Solomon, author, innovator, educator
"Denise is able to quickly break down issues and see different perspectives on problems. She is very good at pushing me to examine my thought process."
Joshua Hodges, VP & Chief Customer Officer

Want to see if Denise is a perfect fit for you / your organization?

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