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- Gain visibility and a following for your ideas?
- Build your brand as a recognized expert in your field?
- Increase your influence, impact, and success?
- Identify next steps to a more meaningful career?
- Advance a cause or leave a legacy that matters?

If so, you're in the right place.


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At Thought Leadership Lab, we work with executives as well as organizations ready to develop a thought leadership plan.

Working with us will help you:

  • Bring attention to a big idea or bring about change in your industry
  • Gain more influence as a recognized expert or thought leader
  • Develop your leadership team as thought leaders
  • Build a following of potential customers, funders, clients, or partners
  • Create a framework that represents your intellectual property
  • Launch or lead a movement around a cause that matters to you

We are honored to have worked with clients worldwide including:

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Denise Brosseau is an experienced and top-rated keynote speaker on thought leadership and personal branding. Her insightful & actionable talks help your audience advance from success to significance.


Ready to unlock your full potential?  We offer executive coaching to risk-taking, results-oriented senior executives to help them be more influential and more effective every day.


We work with leaders who want to position themselves as the ‘go-to’ person in their organization, community, or industry. We offer effective strategies, proven methodologies and support you to reach the next level.

What is a Thought Leader Anyway?

To me, a thought leader is someone who is not just talking about how to do things… but they’re actually doing things and then teaching others how to do it too.

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For Individuals

Do you hope to build lasting change and a legacy that matters?

Then maybe it’s time for you to become a thought leader. Thought leaders are recognized for their ideas and contributions to the world. They share their expertise and engage a community of followers—while enhancing their own reputations in their fields.

In this highly rated course, thought leadership consultant and author Denise Brosseau defines EXACTLY what a thought leader is and explains the risks and rewards that come with this unique position.

Plus you’ll discover how to plan your strategy, develop a compelling message, build influence, maximize your visibility, and track your impact. And tips to scale your ideas to reach the widest possible audience—online and off.

For businesses

Thought-leading organizations create change, build trust, and make an impact beyond their bottom line.

In this course, we explore ways that organizations can step into the role of a thought leader in their communities, industries, and beyond—and why it matters now more than ever.

This easy-to-access course dives into the risks and rewards + key attributes of thought-leading organizations.

Discover how to identify your niche and cultivate a clear, recognizable point of view. Plus, see how to develop your talking points and brand voice, build thought-leadership skills throughout your organization, and expand your reach by leveraging your ecosystem.

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About Denise Brosseau

Named a Champion of Change by the White House, Denise Brosseau is known as a ‘thought leader about thought leadership.’ As the author of the best-selling guide, Ready to Be a Thought Leader? (Wiley), Denise has built her consulting practice for more than 15 years helping executives and entrepreneurs advance from leader to thought leader.

Denise is a former lecturer at Stanford Business School on topics of credibility, influence, and thought leadership. Her ideas have been featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes,,, and the UK Daily Telegraph Business Reporter. Her clients include executives at Zoom, Roche, and PayPal and over the last 20 years she has had the privilege of speaking before tens of thousands of people worldwide, including at Google, Microsoft, and TEDx Sedona.

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