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TEDx Talk
How We Rebuild Trust

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Talks at Google
for Women’s History Month

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Speaking for Microsoft Research
on my book, Ready to Be
a Thought Leader?

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Listen to my interview with Christine Trumbull, Founder of Pinnacle Exit Group

My chat with Tania Bhattacharyya on the Campfire Circle Podcast was enlightening.

Leadership lessons learned from Simone Biles on the Building Better Managers Podcast.

Laurie and I had a great conversation about women’s

Enjoy my podcast interview with Mary Hiland.

Guest on the Annielytics Podcast with Laura Edell, Chief Data Scientist, Microsoft

George Torok is a highly engaging interviewer, no surprise given his years in radio.

Guest on the 20 Minute Leaders podcast with Michael Matias.

Interview with Anne Janzer, author of Get The Word Out