How Do Change Agents Keep Fighting for Change?

I was taking questions following a webinar on thought leadership last week (with the amazing Carol Emmott Fellows of 2022 – check out what they’re doing) when one of them asked me about something that has long been on my mind. How, she wondered, do you keep going when you are fighting for change in an arena like racial justice, where every day you see evidence that the fight is unwinnable? I can [...]

What Makes Great Thought Leadership Content?

If you're like me, you subscribe to and read a lot of newsletters. Every morning, I get between 10 and 20 daily, weekly and monthly newsletters in my mailbox and some of them I read religiously (Dave Pell's Next Draft), while others get an occasional glance if the headline catches my eye. These are all things I have chosen to subscribe to and while I look forward to many of them, I [...]

Don’t Just Introduce…Credentialize!

Ever been with someone at a networking event or a business meeting where they failed to introduce you? It can be both painful and awkward...and it doesn't have to be that way! Here's a technique that I learned from my friend and mentor, Sam Horn about how to not just introduce but to 'credentialize' someone so that you're making true connections. This can also be a great thought leadership technique when used online [...]

Get Started Today as a Champion of Change

One phrase I keep hearing from companies I’ve been (virtually) speaking for in the last few months is “transformation”. Digital transformation, business process transformation, whole company transformation – it’s all another way of saying companies and organizations of all sizes are undergoing change. So, if change is the new normal (and I think it always was), what role will you play as a champion of change? In this edition of the [...]

How To Get Your Thought Leadership Efforts Unstuck

Over the weekend, I had the chance to participate as a speaker for a women’s community I have long been a part of. Sharing my expertise in thought leadership and personal branding is always a pleasure – even when I’m customizing a talk at 8 AM on a Sunday morning! Following the session, we had a chance to connect in break-out rooms with other participants and the conversation quickly turned to ‘how do [...]

Entrepreneurial Thought Leader: Lisa Hufford

I recently had the opportunity to interview Lisa Hufford, author of Navigating the Talent Shift, and founder and CEO of Simplicity Consulting -- a $40M on-demand marketing and communications consulting business in the Pacific Northwest. The sad truth is that there are far too few women CEOs who have written a well-respected business book to showcase their ideas and build their brand, so I was intrigued to speak with Lisa right from the start. Lisa [...]

Start Your New Year With a Life Audit

Are you ready to kick off your New Year with a bit of annual planning? Try the Life Audit.I first discovered the life audit in 2014 in this great article on Medium by Ximena Vengoechea a design researcher at Twitter. While Ximena does a thorough and masterful job of describing the complete process, here is my short-cut version for those in a hurry.1) dream big (and broadly)To conduct a life audit you need lots of post-it [...]

Magic of the Mastermind

Every entrepreneur and executive needs a safe place to test their ideas and expand their thinking. Is it time to join a mastermind? Some years ago, I participated in a magical retreat on the shores of Morro Bay in Southern California. The combination of a squadron of pelicans, pods of porpoises, and a plethora of fascinating people definitely made this a weekend to remember. The retreat was hosted by my friend and [...]

Thought Leadership Tools: How Do You Prepare a Great Talk?

As a longtime speaker, I still frequently struggle to develop a great talk – one that is both memorable and provides some lasting change for those in the audience. When someone offers a book, class, tool or template that can help, I sit up and take notice. Thus, I was happy to be included in JD Schramm’s Stanford workshop last week for the students selected to deliver LOWKeynote talks this year. There he shared his ideas [...]

How to Establish Your Credibility in a New Setting

A longtime consultant friend of mine recently joined a senior CEO group in order to build connections and scale her business. After attending her first meeting, she shared with me her dismay that the other CEOs in the room – all men – treated her as something of the junior partner in the room. While each of them was welcoming and eager to share their expertise, she was surprised at how they [...]

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