You’ll Never Be a Thought Leader If…

Over the last few weeks, I have had conversations with several senior executives who have a lot in common – they are all smart, capable, hard-working, and have a commitment to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, none of them are thought leaders. They all struggle with different aspects of the thought leadership journey and I hope their experiences will help you move forward on yours. ...You're Waiting for Perfection Executive [...]

Is Thought Leadership Outside Your Lane or Expanding Your Lane?

I was on a call with a client last week and she asked me something that fired me up. We have been working together for several months and during that time she has advanced from being unknown outside her community of colleagues to finding her voice, honing her niche, identifying her thought leadership topics, creating a strong LinkedIn profile, and sharing content related to the future she envisions. She has also [...]

Get Started Today as a Champion of Change

One phrase I keep hearing from companies I’ve been (virtually) speaking for in the last few months is “transformation”. Digital transformation, business process transformation, whole company transformation – it’s all another way of saying companies and organizations of all sizes are undergoing change. So, if change is the new normal (and I think it always was), what role will you play as a champion of change? In this edition of the [...]

5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees Are Ready to ‘Take the Stage’​ As Thought Leaders

Has your organization put ‘thought leadership’ as one of its goals for 2021? You’re not alone. Increasingly, I'm hearing from organizations of all types and sizes that are prioritizing thought leadership, understanding that building a reputation as forward-thinking, standing out for their expertise, adding value through advocating for and advancing change in their industry or society – these are all ways that organizations build trust and attract the right customers, partners and [...]

Entrepreneurial Thought Leader: Lisa Hufford

I recently had the opportunity to interview Lisa Hufford, author of Navigating the Talent Shift, and founder and CEO of Simplicity Consulting -- a $40M on-demand marketing and communications consulting business in the Pacific Northwest. The sad truth is that there are far too few women CEOs who have written a well-respected business book to showcase their ideas and build their brand, so I was intrigued to speak with Lisa right from the start. Lisa [...]

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