Denise Brosseau has been working one-on-one with mid-level and senior leaders as an executive coach for more than 10 years. Her goal is to assure her clients are as effective as they can be in leading teams, building new initiatives, and creating winning companies and organizations. She also focuses on how clients can increase their influence and impact within their organization and how to effectively create advocates for their ideas.

Denise received her coach certification from the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) and uses a variety of models and frameworks developed by the CEC, the Hudson Institute and Marshall Goldsmith. She often starts an engagement with a 360-degree review of a leader’s effectiveness and the Profile XT or the Clifton Strengths assessment. In each case, the coaching relationship begins with a getting to know you session followed by the development of an on-going accountability plan around specific behavior changes, interpersonal effectiveness goals, and skill-building needs. Engagements are typically for six months and are centered around a set of agreed-upon objectives, either with the leader alone or in conjunction with their manager or sponsor. Denise also frequently works with senior leaders in transition. She is highly effective at helping them creating a defined pathway to the next opportunity and assuring they are fully prepared along the way to completely and confidently tell their story.

Denise has a team of other certified coaches who she works with on large engagements and together they have worked with executives from Apple, KPMG, Medtronic, Genentech, Planned Parenthood, Nimble, and many other companies and organizations. Please be in touch if you’d like to know more.

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