Thought Leadership Lab’s AMPLIFY PROGRAM serves as a catalyst and incubator for organizations to develop a public voice and presence online, and develop a communication strategy to sustain that presence over time. In the AMPLIFY PROGRAM, we create a lab-like environment in which Participants are empowered to think out loud and creatively explore the channels for developing their individual and collective stories,
messages, and voice.

During the program, our Facilitator/s lead the Participants through the organic process of Assessment, Discovery, Experimentation, Implementation, and Evaluation, bringing a highly personalized approach—and a creative sandbox—to thought leadership development.

The customized AMPLIFY PROGRAM is comprised of 6 half-day workshop sessions, coaching, and editorial review. It is comprehensive and integrated to assure that Participants make significant progress during the program and also gain the confidence and skillsets to continue their thought leadership efforts long after the program is completed.

As part of each Workshop, the Facilitator/s and Participants co-design action steps (including writing) to be completed before the next Workshop takes place. Between Workshops, Participants work as a ‘tribe’ of up to five people, exchanging drafts and offering editorial feedback, peer-to-peer. The tribe then checks in as a group with the Facilitator.

Program Prep and Design [prior to the first workshop] Pre-Program Interviews

Content Intake and Analysis
• Thought Leadership Lab thoroughly review the organization’s current content and presents observations to the team at Workshop 1

Workshop 1: ASSESSMENTS 
The first workshop will lay the groundwork for the entire AMPLIFY PROGRAM. It will help the team assess the state of its current voice.

We work collaboratively to explore and define success and then create the path forward.

A key component of success for thought leaders is their ability to craft compelling stories. During this session, we’ll work to distill a few key stories and define and practice the process of crafting stories.

Workshop 4: EXPERIMENTS 
Team members have an opportunity to review their experimentation to date to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Editorial Feedback on Individual Content
During the time between Workshops 2 and 5, we will provide editorial feedback on individual content.

Based on what we’ve learned from putting content out in the field, we work together to establish a thought leadership practice that will be sustainable.

The final workshop will take a look back at progress made, and a look forward to what will be required to ensure sustainability and ongoing impact.

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