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Within their fields, thought leaders are sources of inspiration and innovation. They have the gift of harnessing their expertise and their networks to make their innovative thoughts real and replicable, sparking sustainable change and even creating movements around their ideas.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader? maps the path for any successful executive, professional, or civic leader to become a respected thought leader. Following the author’s proven seven-step process — and starting from wherever they are in their careers — readers can set a course for maximum impact in their field.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader?
7-Step Framework

Why become a thought leader?
No matter where you are in your career, thought leadership is the key that unlocks a whole new level of professional accomplishment and achievement as well as career and personal satisfaction. People want to affiliate with those who are well known and in the know. As a recognized thought leader, you will have the power to persuade, the status and authority to move things in a new direction, and the clout to implement real progress and widespread innovation.

As your influence and platform grow, so will your opportunities to create a significant impact on a larger and larger scale, to inspire and bring about meaningful change that can last long after you’re gone. As a thought leader, you will leave a lasting legacy – transformed teams, communities, industries, systems, or governments.

More about the book:

Designed as both inspiration and how-to guide, Ready to Be a Thought Leader? offers essential reading for any aspiring thought leader. It includes real-world examples from such high-profile thought leaders as Robin Chase, founder and former CEO of Zipcar; Chip Conley, author of PEAK and former CEO of JDV Hospitality; Mary Hughes, founder of the Women 2012 Project and Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google. It is also packed with essential resources and immediately implementable ideas which will allow readers to create a long-term plan and start putting it into action today, even if they only have 15 minutes to spare.

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