Click here to watch a video of my talk at Google.

tie (the indus entrepreneurs)

Click here to watch a video of my talk at TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs).

microsoft author series

In April 2014, I spoke at Microsoft Research as part of their Author Series. Watch the talk here:

society of women engineers

I presented a webinar for the Society of Women Engineers on thought leadership. Listen to the talk here.

east bay women’s conference

In March, 2014, I spoke at the East Bay Women’s Conference about my book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader? Here are some clips:

Build Your Loyalty Equity

What is Your Big What If? Future?

Nurture Your Inner Lion

steptoe & johnson book launch event

In February, I was invited to give a book talk at Steptoe & Johnson by my friend Ambassador Susan Esserman. In the audience were a number of Steptoe & Johnson partners and the local Wellesley community. Here is a video from the opening section of the hour-long talk.

stanford business school

In May, 2013, I was interviewed at the Stanford Business School about Thought Leadership. Here is a short video that they took of that interview session.

mba connect

In December 2012, I was asked to give a presentation for graduate students and young women MBA graduates. I gave a one hour keynote entitled: “12 Holiday Leadership (and Thought Leadership) Lessons.”

Below are a few clips.

do you need a “no” committee?


what’s the difference between and expert and a thought leader?

See clip here