At Thought Leadership Lab, we consult with teams and organizations to build their visibility and accelerate the ‘discoverability’ of their ideas, project, product, or service by funders, clients, partners, potential customers, or their tribe. We believe that an effective thought leadership strategy is an excellent addition to any marketing strategy because it can position you and your organization at the forefront of big ideas or as the leader of a movement. Thought leaders and thought-leading organizations also build trust in their community and industry by being willing to nurture the right talent and culture, create a recognizable point of view and build and/or join a larger ecosystem to amplify shared messages and accelerate change.

In our work together, we’ll explore how to:

  1. Create a Recognizable Point of View: How can you explore and iterate new ideas to inform fresh perspectives, frameworks and shape your future thinking?
  2. Develop the Right Talent & Culture: How can you nurture and incentivize thought leadership skills and behaviors throughout your organization? How can you assure your team takes the right actions to create a thought-leading culture?
  3. Build an Ecosystem: How will you engage with followers, champions, and other thought leaders to build trust, amplify shared messages, and accelerate change.

thought leadership whiteboard session

2-hour, ½ day and full-day programs available
Are you working with a team of people (in your company or across multiple organizations) that wants to create thought leadership together? We will facilitate a strategic thought leadership white board session bringing you all together to elicit your genius, hone your thought leadership niche and messaging and develop a set of thought leadership milestones for your work together. Contact us for more information!

amplify program for organizations

6-month program for small teams

Designed for executive teams or groups of entrepreneurial or non-profit leaders that want to develop and amplify their public voice. This six month program includes in-person workshops, a thorough content review to assess your existing assets, editorial feedback and individual coaching. Learn More.

We also work with individuals. Learn more.

are you ready for

a bigger playground?

If you are ready to take your next step as a thought leader, you’ll find an easy-to-follow 7-step blueprint in my book Ready to Be a Thought Leader?. Order today at Amazon.