Denise Brosseau’s book Ready to Be a Thought Leader? is chock full of exercises for you to complete to accelerate your thought leadership journey. We have also compiled all 21 worksheets and checklists into the Ready to Be a Thought Leader? Toolkit available for purchase here. As a subscriber to our email list, below are some sample worksheets, available just for you, that will aid you in completing these exercises.

Sample Worksheets

Download these sample worksheets that accompany the exercises in each chapter. Print these documents in 11X17 format if possible. You will find many additional worksheets in the Toolkit.

Chapter Overview PDF Version

Progress Assessment PDF Version
This quiz will let you determine where you have already had success and what the next steps of your thought leadership journey should be.

chapter 1 – find your driving passion

Thought leadership starts with focus and passion. You will be far more effective if you identify the one arena where your interests, expertise, credibility and commitment align – your thought leadership intersection point. Next, craft a clear What If? Future – a possible future you are committed to bringing about.

Reasons To Believe Worksheet PDF Version
Feel like you already have a niche? Use this worksheet to clarify why others should believe that you have the credentials to be the go-to person in that niche. Note: This document should be printed 11 X 17.

chapter 2 & 3 – activate your advocates

To expand your influence beyond your existing team or organization will require that you attract supporters and well-connected advocates who can champion you and your ideas to a much broader set of audiences.

Message Template PDF Version    Message Template Example – PDF
A message template summarizes your key message points, as well as supporting data (proof points) and frequently asked questions and answers. The more pre-planning you do of your core messages, the more prepared you will be to approach potential stakeholders. See pages 86-88 and page 96 from Ready to Be a Thought Leader? for more information.

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