Thought leaders must regularly develop their expertise in a variety of arenas. What skills would you like to develop in the coming year?

improve your ability to tell stories

The people who join your ‘tribe’ want to identify and connect with you. The more clearly you can tell a story, the more likely you are to build a loyal tribe. Sadly, few are born with the gift of storytelling – the rest of us have to work to develop it. Here are some resources that we recommend;

present your ideas more effectively

nurture your innovation & change orientation skills

build your leadership skills & credentials

  • Ask someone to nominate you for an award – like the San Jose Business Times Women of Influence Award or the Crain’s 40 Under 40 Award.  Provide them with your bio and the key supporting information for the nomination to assure they put the best case forward.
  • Get listed as an expert in your field on the ExpertFile website.
  • Take part in the Leadership California program or the equivalent program in your area.
  • Apply for a fellowship in your field of study.
  • Take an online Masterclass with an expert. I love the classes from Bob Woodward and Malcolm Gladwell but there are many topics to choose from.
  • Before seeking another credential or degree, be sure that it is really necessary to what you want to achieve.
  • Take a free online business course with Academic Earth or LinkedIn.
  • Read blogs related to your field so you stay up to date on what’s happening – Try Alltop to find the top blogs by topic area.
  • Step forward to lead a strategically important initiative in your organization or community.
  • Join a non-profit board.
  • Write an article for your company or industry newsletter that showcases your expertise.
  • Create a personal web page. Try Go.coSquareSpace or WordPress for easy site set-up.

more great thought leadership resources

We tend to get carried away. So here’s another great page of resources.

career resources

In a career transition? Here is a page of career resources for you.

If you have more resources to add to the list, contact us. We always appreciate your suggestions, but please be patient and give us a few days to review your resource and determine if it’s an appropriate match before following up. Thank you.

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