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how to stay on track

I often think back on my career and the opportunities I had to take a stand for a cause I cared about. These were some of the most rewarding moments because I had the chance to work on behalf of a group of people – in my case women entrepreneurs – that mattered to me. I also had the opportunity to advocate on behalf of big ideas that I hoped would transform the way things had always been done.

When you’re in the midst of advocating for big change, progress can seem slow, even glacial. You can see the future but others don’t (yet) agree and the way things have always been done feels entrenched and immovable.

Please don’t get discouraged.

Every big problem that has ever been solved, every big change that has ever been adopted took many, many individuals advocating, influencing, ideating and showing the way forward.

I think of our work as building a platform for change – we all need to lay our bricks at one edge of that platform, spreading it wider and wider so others can stand on top of it, walk along it and keep moving forward. I welcome you to join in so that we can all make more progress working separately and together to change our communities, organizations, industries and eventually the world.

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