Periodically, I am asked for the books, podcasts, videos and other resources I recommend. Here is the latest list, with a particular focus on resources for women leaders.


Michael Hyatt – I read his blog and emails every day and they always inspire and educate me and help me think in new ways. He also has a terrific podcast and he’s curated a set of productivity resources that I highly recommend that you can get when you join his email list.

RESUMELAB: Christian Eilers is a resume expert and a career advice writer at ResumeLab. He offers lots of great resources for those writing a top-notch resume.

CLIFTON STRENGTHS: This is one assessment tool that I really find useful because it focuses on your key strengths. Developed by the Gallup Organization after studying thousands of leaders. You buy the book, take the code to their website and take the test to find your top 5 strengths.


How I Built This – Interviews of top entrepreneurs

Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell

Also, love Hidden Brain on NPR.


TED TALKS: Learn about anything and everything you never imagined by watching a TED Talk. Here are three of my favorites:

Amy Cuddy on PowerPoses

Ron Finley the Guerilla Gardener

Sam Horn on How to Create Interest and Connect with Anyone.


As We Speak Book Cover

AS WE SPEAK: How To Make Your Point and Have It Stick, by Peter Meyers. (Atria) One of the best books out there for formulating a talk, crafting a message and telling your story. Does a great job at giving you a formula and helping overcome the things that hold you back.

Brag Book Mockup

BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It, by Peggy Klaus. (Warner) Peggy has written a top-notch tool kit–one that tampers with our beliefs about humility by defining bragging as an act of authenticity. Try her exercises to develop your own ‘bragalogue’.

Working Identity Book Mockup

WORKING IDENTITY: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career, by Herminia Ibarra. (Harvard Business Review Press)
An all-around great book for those in career transition. I used this in my last major transition and got a lot of great ideas.

Ready to Be a Thought Leader Book Mockup

READY TO BE A THOUGHT LEADER?: How to Increase Your Influence, Impact, and Success, by Denise Brosseau. (Wiley) Go from successful executive, professional, or civic leader to respected thought leader. (You didn’t really expect me to create a list like this and not put my own book on it, did you?)

This Is NOT The Career I Ordered Book Cover

Caroline Dowd-Higgins – a fabulous career coach with her own podcast, reinvention retreats and a great book, This is Not the Career I Ordered.

Cut the Crap Get a Job Book Mockup

Dana Manciagli – Dana is the go-to gal for job hunters. She is not shy in her approach, which I appreciate. Her book is Cut the Crap, Get a Job.

Friend of a Friend Book Cover

Friend of a Friend, by David Burkus – Another approach to building your network from a guy I admire. Check out his other books, too.

What's Holding You Back Book Cover

Sam Horn – Sam is my mentor and one of the most brilliant people I know. She has a number of great books, including What’s Holding You Back: 30 Days to Having the Courage and Confidence to Do What You Want, Meet Whom You Want, and Go Where You Want (St. Martin’s Griffin) which has excellent strategies and tactics to help you move ahead in your career AND your life.

Reinventing You Book Cover

REINVENTING YOU: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, by Dorie Clark – Great book for those in career transition. Dorie is a great writer with lots of excellent, workable ideas.

RESONATE: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, by Nancy Duarte (Wiley) This is a classic book on how to tell great stories and present them effectively. Nancy has several other books on this topic and her company is now offering classes as well.

The Invitation Book Cover

The Invitation: When You’re Ready To Take Your Next Step, by Mary LoVerde (Westcom Press) – Mary’s highly readable book is an excellent guide for anyone ready to step into a new possibility in their life, career or relationship.

Switch Book Cover Mockup

SWITCH: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, by Chip and Dan Heath (Random House) – One of the few books that takes a structured approach to how to create change in the world. Really love all the books these guys write, but this is my favorite.

Women Don't Ask Book Mockup

Women Don’t Ask, by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever. (Bantam). Explores the personal and societal reasons women seldom ask for what they need, want, and deserve at home and at work–and shows how they can develop this crucial skill. Another one of those books that have influenced a lot of women leaders.

4-HOUR WORKWEEK, by Timothy Ferriss (Harmony). I have heard many successful women leaders tell me how much this book helped them re-think what to focus on and how to get help.

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