Archetype: Builders

Driver: Motivated to invent, build, create, and show a new path.

rs and Characteristics:

  • Enjoy the white space of new creation or new solutions.
  • Willing to ask a lot of questions or engage in conversations with customers, community or followers in order to figure out a better way.
  • Very knowledgeable, creative, and energetic about sharing their ideas.
  • See a different future than others around them and are willing to push forward against all odds.


  • To get others excited about their product, invention or new idea.
  • To step back from the day-to-day requirements of building an initiative, company or organization to be seen as a thought leader in their industry or niche.
  • To delineate their personal brand and thought leadership from their company’s.
  • To try to do too much rather than focus on doing a few things well.

Greatest Fear:

  • Not getting there first or not being the best/coolest/fastest.
  • Not making a difference in their industry or community.

Must Avoid:

  • Too ‘me’ or ‘my company’ focused rather than creating a conversation and adding value to their industry/niche.

Call to action:

  • Isn’t this cool?

Example Builder Thought Leaders:

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