“Thought leadership is one of the best skill sets for individuals and companies that want to be trusted as transformational change agents in their industries.”

– Denise Brosseau


As the CEO of Thought Leadership Lab, Denise Brosseau helps leaders and their teams accelerate their journey from leader to thought leader.

Thought leadership is not marketing nor sales. Instead, it is building a following for your ideas, thus building trust and credibility, amplifying influence, and catalyzing strategic connections that lead to a seat at the table for the conversations that matter.

Denise loves working with social entrepreneurs, start-up CEOs, heads of foundations, and executives at Fortune 1000 companies.

If you are a change agent in your field and are interested in building a platform that can affect social, industry, community, or organizational change… Then Denise can help you get there faster than you can all alone.

Proud to work with clients worldwide including:
  • Wrote Ready to Be a Thought Leader? (Wiley)
  • Co-founded Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) – a trade association for women entrepreneurs – and grew it from one office in Silicon Valley to Seattle, LA, Boulder, and beyond.
  • Co-founded Springboard, the first venture capital conference for women entrepreneurs which has funded over $28B for women-founded & women-led companies
  • Spoken to tens of thousands of people worldwide, at companies like Roche, Microsoft, and Google
  • Hired to speak at leadership conferences, including the California, Indiana, and Arizona Governor’s Conferences and the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing; and organizations like Coro and the Association of California Nurse Leaders.
  • Guest lectured at Wellesley, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, University of Winchester, and MIT.
  • Named as one of the Top 100 Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal
  • Spoke at TEDx Sedona about How To Build Trust

“Denise is an untiring champion of seeing in you what is possible and is very constructive in providing advice and strategy as you take on new projects, positions, or roles. She has been an invaluable asset to me as I scaled my career from corporate executive at PG&E to the Vice Chancellor’s office. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

-Van Ton-Quinlivan | Former Executive Vice Chancellor at California Community Colleges

What is Thought Leadership Anyway?

To me, a thought leader is someone who is not just talking about how to do things… but they’re actually doing things and then teaching others how to do it too.

– Denise Brosseau, CEO of Thought Leadership Lab

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Denise Brosseau is known as a ‘thought leader about thought leadership.’

She brings your audience easy-to-implement strategies and actionable case studies of how thought leadership will increase their influence and impact, and take their careers, teams, or companies to the next level – all in a highly engaging, straight-talk style that’s both inspirational and energizing.

Some popular topics Denise is available to speak on include:

  • Ready to Be a Thought Leader?
  • Personal Branding & Thought Leadership
  • What It Takes to Be a Champion of Change

“Denise is truly an incredible resource, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a brilliant, experienced, inspiring keynote speaker.”

Alexandra K. Davis, CAP®, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

“Members of the WPO are in the top 1% of women business owners and they have pretty much ‘seen everything’ when it comes to speakers. Denise was able to bring insights they had not considered. Hands-down, our best speaker yet.”

Brenda Abdilla, Denver WPO Chapter Chair

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Online Courses on LinkedIn Learning

For Individuals

Do you hope to build lasting change and a legacy that matters?

Then maybe it’s time for you to become a thought leader. Thought leaders are recognized for their ideas and contributions to the world. They share their expertise and engage a community of followers—while enhancing their own reputations in their fields.

In this highly rated course, thought leadership consultant and author Denise Brosseau defines EXACTLY what a thought leader is and explains the risks and rewards that come with this unique position.

Plus you’ll discover how to plan your strategy, develop a compelling message, build influence, maximize your visibility, and track your impact. And tips to scale your ideas to reach the widest possible audience—online and off.

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For Businesses

Thought-leading organizations create change, build trust, and make an impact beyond their bottom line.

In this course, we explore ways that organizations can step into the role of a thought leader in their communities, industries, and beyond—and why it matters now more than ever.

This easy-to-access course dives into the risks and rewards + key attributes of thought-leading organizations.

Discover how to identify your niche and cultivate a clear, recognizable point of view. Plus, see how to develop your talking points and brand voice, build thought-leadership skills throughout your organization, and expand your reach by leveraging your ecosystem.

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Are YOU Ready to be a Thought Leader?

The how-to guide to becoming a go-to expert

Ready to Be a Thought Leader? maps the path for any successful executive, professional, or civic leader to become a respected thought leader. Following a proven seven-step process – and starting from where you are in your career – you can set a course for maximum impact.

Within their fields, thought leaders are sources of inspiration and innovation. They have the gift of harnessing their expertise and their networks to make their innovative thoughts real and replicable, sparking sustainable change and even creating movements around their ideas.

As your influence and platform grow, so will your opportunities to create a significant impact on a larger and larger scale, to inspire and bring about meaningful change that can last long after you’re gone. As a thought leader, you will leave a lasting legacy – transformed teams, communities, industries, systems, or governments.

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Ready To Be a Thought Leader? is a likable, practical book for seasoned executives who have achieved financial success but now want greater influence.”

Harvard Business Review

“I’m recommending this book to my start-up CEO friends so they can get their ideas heard in an increasingly noisy market.”

Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Workday

“Denise Brosseau outlines a well thought out seven-step process to capture clients’ attention and expand the reach of your ideas.”

Gene Zaino, CEO & President of MBO Partners

“Ready To Be a Thought Leader? is your GPS for achieving that designation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive or non-profit leaders, you won’t want to go to work without it.”

Peggy Klaus, Author of BRAG!

“If you want to build community, advance ideas, and effect lasting change, READ THIS BOOK. You’ll find all the inspiration and know-how you need to enhance your impact and improve lives.”

Jane Wales, Aspen Institute

What People Say About Denise

“Denise helped crystallize many ideas our diverse team had about thought leadership and influence. We walked away from the valuable workshop knowing how each of us can be the ‘pebble in the pond’.”

Christopher Jablonski, Director, CXO Revolutionaries & Community, Zscaler, Inc.

“Out of all my years of attending business conferences, I have never come in contact with a presenter who is that willing to extend herself. Denise is a model of what it means to be a leader.”

Attendee, Microsoft Conference

“Thank you for delivering a captivating presentation with both practical pointers and real-life anecdotes. You have an exceptional ability for engaging the audience and focusing them on the immediate actions they can take to improve their success.”

Corporate VP, Cadence Design Systems

“Denise is such a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker! Her session was informative and thought-provoking for our members and attracted a standing-room-only crowd!”

CEO, Association of California Nurse Leaders

“Denise is truly an incredible resource and a brilliant and inspiring keynote speaker.”

Vice President, Morgan Stanley

“Looking back, I can’t believe how much we covered in our six months together and how much progress I made. Denise did a great job keeping people (including me) on track and the sessions became something I really looked forward to each month. If you’re on the fence, I say… go for it. You’ll be glad you did.”

N. Murphy, Academy Graduate

“I got so much more out of this group than I expected. Not only was the content highly applicable and provided in an easy-to-digest format (lots of worksheets, reflection exercises, breakouts) but the other participants were all on their own thought leadership journey, so I could learn from watching them and gain ideas from their strategies, too.”

P. Thomas, Academy Graduate

“Your talk was probably one of the most useful talks on women in leadership that I’ve ever heard.”

CEO, Apptimize

Are YOU Ready to be a Thought Leader?

About Denise Brosseau

Named a Champion of Change by the White House, Denise Brosseau is known as a ‘thought leader about thought leadership.’ As the author of the best-selling guide, Ready to Be a Thought Leader? (Wiley), Denise has built her consulting practice for more than 10 years by helping executives and entrepreneurs advance from leader to thought leader. She believes that thought leadership is not marketing or sales but instead is building a following for your ideas, thus building trust and credibility, amplifying influence, and catalyzing the strategic connections that lead to a seat at the table for the conversations that matter.

Denise is a former lecturer at Stanford Business School on topics of credibility, influence, and thought leadership. Her ideas have been featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Salesforce.com, Inc.com, and the UK Daily Telegraph Business Reporter. Her clients include executives at Zoom, SAP, and PayPal and over the last 20 years, she has had the privilege of speaking before tens of thousands of people worldwide, including at Google, Microsoft, and TEDxSedona.

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