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Is Thought Leadership Outside Your Lane or Expanding Your Lane?

I was on a call with a client last week and she asked me something that fired me up. We have been working together for several months and during that time she has advanced from being unknown outside her community of colleagues to finding her voice. Read the post.

Don’t Just Introduce…Credentialize!

Ever been with someone at a networking event or a business meeting where they failed to introduce you? It can be both painful and awkward…and it doesn’t have to be that way! Read the post.

What If More Leaders Were Like Simone Biles?

What can we learn from Simone Biles about how to deal with our own ‘twisties’ at work? Read the post.

What Thought Distortions Are Keeping You From Becoming a Thought Leader?

We all have those negative messages that take us out sometimes. Here is a helpful way to approach what’s holding you back. Read the post.

Recipe for a Successful Thought Leader

Here’s a light-hearted approach to thought leadership — my recipe for what’s required. Read the post.

Get Started Today As A Champion of Change

Is your company or organization going through a major transformation? Here is a useful framework for thinking about yourself as a Champion of Change. Read the post.

How To Get Your Thought Leadership Efforts Unstuck

Having trouble getting moving on your thought leadership efforts? Here are 8 ideas for how to get unstuck. Read the newsletter.

Are You Building Your Personal Brand or Becoming a Thought Leader?

Often people have trouble differentiating between building a personal brand vs. becoming a thought leader. Here are four ways you can tell the difference. Read the newsletter.

5 Ways To Ensure Your Employees Are Ready to ‘Take the Stage’ as Thought Leaders

If thought leadership is one of your organization’s top goals in 2021, here are some things to consider to be sure your employees are prepared. Read the newsletter.

Leaving Your C-Suite Job? Time to Invest in Thought Leadership

Is it time to position yourself for a new, bigger role in your existing company, look for better opportunities elsewhere, or is it time to jump out and start your own consulting business? If so, it’s time to invest in thought leadership. Read the newsletter.

What Are My Thought Leadership Activities Good For Anyway?

As a self-employed consultant, how do you decide if the time you are spending on thought leadership is worth it? Read the article.

how thought leaders prepare for podcasts and media interviews

4 things to consider when preparing to be a guest on a podcast, radio show, or as a guest interviewee. Read the post.

the possibility exists that we’re all part of the problem

Rather than simply mourning and blaming, what if all of us are in part responsible? What if all of us could be doing more — to build connections, conversations, and community? Read the post.

5 ways to flex your thought leader muscles

Here are a few ways to get in tip-top shape as a thought leader this year. Read the post.

7 platforms and tools for thought leaders to share their expertise

If you’re ready to expand your reach beyond LinkedIn and Twitter, here are 7 tools and platforms worth exploring. Read the post.

what 2 scary things will you do this year?

No matter when you start your planning, here is a trick that will move you forward faster and get you to stretch further. Read the post.

do you have a promotion or prevention orientation?

Women are frequently subjected to far different scrutiny than their male counterparts. How can you overcome this? Read the post.

who inspires you? 4 ideas to begin to build your thought leadership platform today

How do we get noticed for our ideas and make a difference on the front lines of perhaps less visible change initiatives? Here are some ideas from clients and colleagues that I hope can spark you to take action. Read the post.

8 great strategies for change agent success

A few important strategies to try for those seeking to change people, teams or cultures and survive to tell the tale! Read the post.

how i learned to adopt an abundance mindset

In January, my friend Mary introduced me to the Money Game which helps you create an abundance mindset. Over the last 3 months, my friends and I have decided how we would spend $10M in imaginary cash and I’ve learned a lot in the process. Read the post.

building a thought leadership culture: vistage

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about thought leadership from a broader perspective. In my first book, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?, I explored what it takes for individuals to make the journey from leader to thought leader. But what does it take for organizations to take a similar journey? In this interview with Joe Galvin of Vistage, I share his perspective. Read the post.

building a thought leadership culture: change.org

As part of the research for my new book on how companies and organizations build a thought leadership culture and scale their mission and ideas through thought leadership, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Dulski, then the President of Change.org. As a key executive at an organization serving changemakers, I was interested to learn from Jennifer what strategies they have adopted at Change.org to inspire change-makers and scale thought leadership behaviors and actions within their own organization. Read the post.

entrepreneurial thought leader: lisa hufford, simplicity consulting

I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Hufford, author of Navigating the Talent Shift, and founder and CEO of Simplicity Consulting — a $40M on-demand marketing and communications consulting business in the Pacific Northwest. The sad truth is that there are far too few women CEOs who have written a well-respected business book to showcase their ideas and build their brand, so I was intrigued to speak with Lisa right from the start. Read the post.

executive thought leader: priya huskins, woodruff-sawyer & co.

I had an opportunity to speak with Priya Huskins, a partner at Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. and a recognized expert in the world of Directors & Officer Liability Insurance. Priya has a blog, D&O Notebook, that she started publishing in 2013. She is a regular speaker at industry events and authors articles for prestigious journals like the Stanford Law Review and Directors and Boards. I asked her about how she got started with her blog and why she keeps it going year after year. Here’s what I learned. Read the post.

5 ideas on how to make your own future

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or running your own show, here are five ideas on how to position yourself for success as a thought leader this year. Read the post.

why should thought leaders stay in their lane? part i

This interview is part of an on-going series of articles I am doing about how people make the journey from leader to Thought Leader. This time, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jo Miller, CEO of Be Leaderly, one of my favorite Thought Leaders and speakers in the world of women’s leadership. Read the post.

why should thought leaders stay in their lane? part ii

This interview is a continuation of an on-going series of articles I am doing about how people make the journey from leader to Thought Leader. This is Part II of my interview with Jo Miller, CEO of Be Leaderly. Read the post.

7 tips to overcome your fear of public speaking

After having the opportunity to speak about my book as part of the prestigious, Talks at Google series; I came away happy, excited, and offer the following overview of what I learned from this fun experience at the Google campus. Read the post.

how to establish your credibility in a new setting

Learn tips and techniques to establish a commanding presence in any meeting or setting. Read the post.

thought leadership tools: how do you prepare a great talk?

Do you find yourself struggling to develop a great talk? Find out the techniques and preparations I’ve learned over the years to deliver a great presentation! Read the post.

posts that first appeared
on other sites.

How Thought Leadership Inspires Action with Ideas Here is a Q&A I did with Lisa Kay Solomon on the Singularity Hub on the importance of investing in thought leadership as a leadership practice and organizational capability.

How is Thought Leadership Different? Ask yourself three questions before deciding whether your activities qualify you as a Thought Leader.

What is a Thought Leader? Find out why becoming a Thought Leader is more than just Tweeting about your expertise.

3 Ways to Expand Your Future (Inc.com)
By connecting with people who face hurdles similar to yours, you can vastly expand the possibilities for your own future.

How to Sell Your Ideas (Inc.com)
You’ve got all your employees excited about your vision. Now, it’s time to convince the rest of the world.

Where Are All the Women Entrepreneurs? (Inc.com and Women 2.0)
Sure, women start lots of companies. But where are the big, world-changing businesses run by women?

additional blog posts

An Evening with Robin Chase, Founder of ZipCar
In 2013, I had the chance to sit down with Robin Chase, a fellow Wellesley alum and the founder of ZipCar and Buzzcar, for a 30-minute fireside chat.

Thought Leader or Expert? You Decide
Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately…what’s the difference between someone who is an expert in their field and someone who is a well-known expert? And what about someone who is a well-known expert in their field vs. someone who is a well-respected thought leader? Often the terms expert and thought leader are used synonymously…

How I Learned (Again) That Less Is Really More
Are you preparing to give a talk? Take a few tips from my recent experience.

Write to Change the World!
Is it time to claim your expertise, step into the spotlight and join the conversation?

What’s Scaring Your Team Away From Building Influence?
In an interview with Holly Hamann, Co-Founder and CMO of TapInfluence, we discuss their efforts to build a thought leadership culture and the myths and misconceptions that scare people away from taking their first steps to building influence.

Start Your New Year With a Life Audit
Are you ready to kick off your New Year with a bit of annual planning? Try my short-cut to the life audit.

The Magic of the Mastermind
Every entrepreneur and executive needs a safe place to test their ideas and expand their thinking. Is it time to join a mastermind?

Is it Time to Lighten Up?
The world of business just might be better off if we encouraged a bit more fun at work.

How Do I Find My Presumptive Bravado?
When is it okay to declare yourself an expert? How do you gain the needed confidence to own your role as a key influencer in your niche?

What Do I Do When No One is Listening?
Thought leaders are often ahead of their time. They can find themselves ignored, overlooked, and even shunned. How do you overcome the naysayers?

Are You a Boundary Setter?
How do you become a thought leader? Become a boundary setter.

Sometimes It’s JUST RIGHT!
Keep looking, you’ll eventually find your tribe. And when you do, you’ll know it.